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"Do It Again Lord"

There are so many blessings and benefits to having accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. One is that we begin to have a relationship with our God. We talk with God. We take our concerns to God. Over time, we have a HISTORY with God. Whether He has helped us in a time of need for a job or in finance​al matters, in a relationship, due to illness or depression, we have experienced God working in our lives.


So, when a new concern or need arises, we should know to turn to God first rather than as a last resort. Isn't it great that we don't have to reinvent the wheel, reestablish the communications, or tackle it alone?


Now we find ourselves possibly concerned about international issues, political leadership, inflation, illness, debt. But, as always, there is really only one answer for us as Christians and that is what is God going to do about all this? .... and what is God going to lead us to do? ... and will we follow Him?


Here is our lesson from Joshua, Jericho, The Wall.



02/20/2022    (click)


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